Super Awesome Fortune Cards


Tarot cards are boring and outdated. These Super Awesome Future! Fortune Cards are SUPER AWESOME! This magical deck of 36 oversized cards, 3" x 4-3/4", is the divining tool you've been looking for to answer questions like, "Will I find love?" and "What do my cats say about me when I'm at work?" With cards like Cat Lady, Zombies and Blender, they have been updated with modern imagery yet maintain the classic themes and symbols of the past. Allegedly this is the most accurate system for divining the future ever developed by humans! Includes detailed instruction booklet that explains how to use the cards and the meaning of each.

  • Allegedly magic cards that tell the future
  • 36 beautifully illustrated cards
  • Cards are 3" x 4-3/4"
  • Includes instruction booklet